Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Best X-mas Ever!

I pwnd these bitches.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Not that I'm bragging...

but this is a pretty good thing.


I've written about the Farmer's Game for ages and some have asked for directions to the game - so here goes.

First you get on the highway and take a right. Drive for awhile. When you get to the faded red metal building, turn around because you went too far. Get back on the highway and exit the farm-to-market road near the roadside barbecue stand. If you feel so inclined order the #3 with a Big Red. When you come to the fork in the road take a left and drive for about 15-45 minutes. If you see yourself out in the middle of nowhere, don't fret, you are almost there. See the building with all the cars around it? That's the place. Go up to the door and when the guy at the door answers, tell him I sent you. His name is Robert or Joe and we are good friends. He'll remember me.

Best of luck to you. The game starts at 1pm. Or at 4. I'm not quite sure.

Monday, December 17, 2007

No takers

It was raised preflop in limit poker so I make the call in the BB. I think this is the first time I've ever flopped it. I couldn't get anyone to pay me off on it. Such is life.

I did go on to win this tourney. sfOBV.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Kent, Kent, He's our man...

I forgot I had this gem. I made this note several months ago and I just so happened to see Kent playing some O8 tonight, so I got this shot.

Poor Thomas

The worst thing that could ever happen to a kid happened to Thomas. The tooth that just fell out of his mouth fell into the drain in the sink. He cried. I comforted him. He asked if the tooth fairy would still come and being the dad that I am, I told him that Tooth Fairies are unionized now and must have visual proof of any tooth extraction or no payday. He's a bit mad but he'll learn to live with disappointment.

He's lost 3 teeth now. My baby boy is getting big.

He's got another wiggly in the front that I'm sure he'll handle more cautiously.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy Chanukkah

Best wishes to my Jewish buddies. I honestly didn't know that Chanukkah had started until I read the forum the other day. It had me wondering - What do I really know about other religions? I'm a catholic and I don't pretend to know the mysteries of the church of Rome. In fact I didn't even know that catholics believe in purgatory until a few years back. I can honestly say that I've never heard it mention in my cathecism or during mass. Not that I went to either with any regularity. A few things that I think I know about other religions.

Judaism - They're the chosen people. Least that's what I hear. I do know they do wonderful things in Hollywood and the financial markets worldwide.

Lutheran - This is like the black sheep of catholicism. The used to be catholics but Martin Luther wasn't asked to sit at the cool kids table so he, like any good person of faith, decided to start his own thing.

Baptists - The happiest people to see the war on terror. Why? They no longer have to endure the butt of late night jokes. Everything I know about baptists I learned from the movie Footloose. They pretty much hate anything fun. Which has me wondering how there are so many baptists if its a sin to be naked.

Episcopalian - I've never met anyone who has ever episcopaled.

Mormonism - Wow. I could just stop at that, but with all the news of Mitt Romney's run at the big chair there are tons I think I know about Mormon's. I think they believe that Heaven is actually a planet in space and that if we are good people on Earth we can live in paradise near Uranus. Kudos to John Smith who felt the need to start his own religion after he was slighted - ala Luther. And wtf with multiple marriage? I know that it's not standard Mormon belief now but how the hell is having more than one wife ever a good thing? One wife telling me to pick up my shit on the floor and change the channel from sports would be plenty.

Jehovah's Witness - Gold star for coolest name. These guys are out there. I think they don't believe in blood transfusions and that only 144,000 of them are going to heaven. I guess that leaves the rest of us out in the dark. I couldn't be motivated to be religious if i knew I wasn't one of the 144,000 that weren't going to heaven. Having a JW girlfriend wouldn't be bad though. You could tell her you wanted to get her that Jared's* ring, but her religion wouldn't allow the gift.

Muslims - These guys love God so much they'll die 10x over for Allah. Wouldn't you, if you believed you could have 100 virgins waiting for you if you die for Allah? Personally I believe that Muslims get a bad rap in the world but that is a very unpatriotic thing for me to say and I'd have the Homeland Security coppers on my arse.

In all actuality I think that all religions serve an important purpose in life and I really believe that we all pray to the same God. We just have different delivery techniques. My apologies to all those that may be offended by this post. Deal with it. I haven't posted in ages.

Oh yeah, if any of my Jewish friends want to give me a teddy bear for Chanukkah that would be awesome!

I'd name him Mohammed.

Peace and Tranquility in this holiday season my friends.


* special thanks to Huck.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Coach of the Year

School is going well. I've coached my team to 2 victories with 1 defeat in basketball.

Did I mention I've never coached basketball before?

I really can't wait till the season is over, but in all actuality it is starting to grow on me.

I haven't seen or heard from Deemon in ages and I miss her. I also wonder where Topanga and Fornelli and willw9 and the others have gone.

Is it pathetic that all these people I "know" are internet people i've never actually met in person?

More from me in about 7 months.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Farmer's Game - New High / New Low

Last week at the Farmer's game we had a most unusual hand. A hand that we thought could never be topped. At the game we've had several quads vs. boats and even 2 royal flushes but this particular hand came up...

Blinds at 2/5 NL and UTG limps with 22 and guy in LP makes the call with 55. The SB with AhTh makes it $30 to go hoping to take the pot down but both guys call. The flop...

2 2 5.

All three check the flop.

Turn ... 10

Now the SB bets $30 and both the other players just call.

River... 10

SB makes it $40 and the guy with 22 makes it $100 more. The guy with 55 folds but keeps his cards in front of him. The guy with AT just calls the 10 thinking they were gonna chop and the winner shows the quads. We thought we had finally seen it all. Until yesterday.

There is a really obnoxious character who brings his daddy to the game. He's a violent, arrogant drunk and both of em rarely bathe. And now the kicker...their last name is Dick. I kid not. So anyway, I'm at the game and Daddy walks in quickly and blows right past everyone while heading to the bathroom. As he's walking something rolls out of his pants leg and lands near the chip room door. We have no clue what it was but didn't like the prospects. He's in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. He came out and sat down at the coach but not before everyone saw that this old dude had already shitted in his pants and the thing that rolled down the floor was part of his collections. Now here's the worst part... He sat down at the table and played for almost 2 hours before someone pissed off his son and they both left.

We are hoping this hand will never be beat. Ever.

A new high at the Farmer's Game. A new low as well.